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Maxims Auditors & Consultants

Suit # 1204, Millennium Plaza Hotel Tower,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Disposals

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Maxims Group is well-known name among business community for the knowledge and experience in all types of financial transactions. Our global presence helps clients do better deals and create value through mergers, acquisitions, disposals and restructuring.

We work together with our clients;

  • To develop the right strategy before the deal,
  • To execute their deals seamlessly,
  • To identify issues and points of negotiation and value,
  • To implement changes to deliver synergies and improvements after the deal.


MAC is intended to develop integrated and efficient cross-border Merger & Acquisition capabilities within the network, providing technical tools, business development help and a grid of contacts including banks and law firms.


Our team here in the UAE, with expertise in deals, valuation strategy, corporate finance, incorporates their knowledge, expertise and experience to help our clients maximize the value of a transaction. MAC can advise clients across the deal continuum from strategy to execution to capturing value post deal. Clients can be better positioned to expedite their deals, minimize their risks, capture and deliver value to their stakeholders, and quickly return to business as usual.


Our merger and acquisition professionals with various backgrounds and experience with investment /commercial banks, securities companies, accounting firms and corporations, combine an extensive global network with local industry insights or other service line professionals to help you achieve in-organic growth through Merger & Acquisition.


We can assist you throughout the transaction lifecycle;

  • By assessing the strategic fit of a business
  • By analyzing all aspects of a transaction,
  • Project management
  • Deal structuring
  • Process monitoring
  • Legal documents drafting, and
  • Negotiation assistance.


Our Services include:

  • Form basic Merger & Acquisition concepts based on the client’s business strategy
  • Rank priority of potential sellers/buyers and offer advice on approaching them
  • Manage the deal’s schedule and processes
  • Prepare an information memorandum for potential sellers/buyers
  • Contact potential sellers/buyers to ascertain their initial interests
  • Provide advisory on various negotiation strategies and on deal executions with the potential sellers/buyers
  • Provide a comprehensive support on deal structuring
  • Arrange due diligence processes and related support services
  • Support drafting of an indicative offer, memorandum of understanding, definitive agreement and various closing documents
  • Provide advisory on financing and negotiation methodsPrepare press releases and other disclosure documents
  • Monitor the closing processes.